These boats were designed to break the world speed sailing record over a 500m race course. In 2012 Vestas Sail rocket II eventually smashed the outright speed sailing record with the largest margin in speed sailing history, achieving 65.45Kts average boat speed, with skipper Paul Larsen, and designers Malcolm Barnsley and Chris Hornzee-Jones .

The first design challenge was the re-design of the steering system which originally used lines and pulleys. The steering system was contributing to stability issues and several ways had been tried to exchange high and low speed rudders mid run. We designed a new rudder with fixed linkages and a geared mechanism to enable coarse control at low speed and fine control at high speed without changing rudders. This enabled the first boat to make a new personal best.

VSRII was  developed to run clear of oncoming chop and so we carried out simulation to establish the ride height  and motions.  The results were used to establish safe  foil dimensions and to establish adequate clearance of the undercarriage. Extracts from the calculation are illustrated. Click on the images to expand.

At Kiote we will use back of envelope calculations first, then we apply theory or first principles, then computer simulation if required.  

Solidworks Design and Modelling 

3D modelling was carried out to produce drawings, cutting files, boat setup, component motions and clearances. Click on the images to expand.

Finite Element Analysis 

Finite element analysis was used to check component designs for excessive stress and deflection.




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