Founder George Dadd has 12 years professional experience working in cutting-edge research and engineering projects, predominantly in kite dynamics, tidal energy, wind energy, marine autonomous sensing,  and speed sailing.

Before running Kiote, George studied maritime engineering science and then spent many years as a freelance engineer working with prototyping firm Designcraft, Vestas wind energy, Sailrocket and  Aerotrope engineering consultants. George completed an EngD thesis titled ‘ Kite Dynamics for Ship Propulsion’  sponsored by the Wolfson Unit, developed underwater sensing instruments for the National Oceanographic Centre, and developed kites for KitePowerSystems Ltd.

Our suite of software engineering tools include:


We create  3D models, 2D drawings, do motion simulation, create engineering cutting files for machining and manufacture, and design composite components and moulds.


We create programs to simulate the behaviour of physical systems using the theory applicable to your project; hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, structures, motions and more.


We conduct finite element analysis to simulate stresses and deflections of components, calculate natural frequencies and response to loads.